Mr. Louis Mascolo
    AeroScience Engineering/Physics  
    Room 4600
    Hello Students and Parents,
    I hope all are well and practicing social distancing.  I will be sending out notifications and lessons in schoology so with details of work you can do to extend the learning we have accomplished this year.  I am sure you have a lot of questions, as we all do, but we will work through this year together.
    I have posted lessons on the Week in a Glance in the Blue folder on Schoology.  Please complete these learning tasks. 

    Tutorials / Help Desk:(Click the link for ZOOM)

    Tuesday- 2:00 - 3:00 pm

    Thursday- 1:00 - 2:00 PM


    Please email me at the above email if you have further questions.
    Mr. Mascolo

     Orientation Video


    Class Schedule for Physics is in Notes and Make-up 
    Eclipse 2017
    Homework:  Review in Notes and Make-up work section. 



    Testing Days are Tuesday or Friday 
     Test Review Monday , Thursday A Lunch  

    Rule 1 : LEARN
    Rule 2 : Help others LEARN
    Rule 3 : Allow others to LEARN

    1st period - AeroScience Engineering or Rocket Science 
    2nd period - AeroScience Engineering or Rocket Science 
    3rd period - AeroScience Engineering or Rocket Science
    4th period - AeroScience Engineering or Rocket Science  
    5th period -  Prep Period 
    6th period - Principals of Physics  

    Science/Math UIL - Tues. and Wed. A Lunch
    Room 4600
    TUTORING - Starting 
    A Lunch on Mon. and Thursday
    Quick Questions: Before or After school.
    Make-up Tests - Starting 
    Monday or Thursday A Lunch or By Appointment After SCHOOL in this room

    We fly Rockets Gen 1 Sept  , Gen 2 October  and will fly Gen 3 in November


    Spring Project Rocket in Fredericksburg, TX ROCKETS 2021 (May 2021 TBA)



    The class applies the principles of physics to designing and launching rockets.  This is a practical application of physics to help students develop an interest in science and engineering.  The class helps broaden students’ opportunities, and allows them to do things that they did not think they could do.  Students begin to display an increased self-motivation, leadership, and an enthusiasm for science and engineering. The goal of the aerospace science class is to build a rocket that travels one mile high carrying a payload weighing one pound. 


    Principles of Physics - COURSE DESCRIPTION

    Welcome to Principles of Physics. This is a class that builds a solid base of physics concepts.  The course includes extensive mathematical analysis of the concepts studied. Students are expected to analyze and extend understanding of the core concepts.  Additional enrichment topics are introduced but may not be covered in as much detail as core topics. Assignments may include formal lab reports and lab notebooks, creative analogies, research projects, student-designed experiments, analytical experiments, studies of scientific literature, analysis of teacher-performed demonstrations, and discussion of real-world problems.



    Students are expected to:

    • be curious!! Ask Questions!!!
    • commit time of independent study each day, preview material before it is to be covered in class as well as analyze it in detail after class discussion
    • wrestle with new concepts until thoroughly understood
    • obtain assistance whenever necessary to clarify material and to enhance understanding.
    • Develop techniques to review and study for tests
    • Demonstrate not only mastery of content but also ability to apply the concepts to new situations


    • notebook binder with paper, pens and pencil (can be shared with other classes)(Keep)
    • roll of paper towel and Red Pen *  4th Period
    • box of tissue and Red Pen*  6th & 7th Period
    • Extra Items: -  zip lock bags (box of gallon or quart) or 500 sheets of white printer paper
    • *turn into the box and check off your name by Thursday 9/1

    For online book access, go to  http://www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do To log in, your username is: hisd + student ID (without the +). 

    For example for student Crispus Attucks the user
    name would be “hisd351770”
    Student Password: A student will use their Novell Password as their password for digital textbook access.

    For example student Crispus Attucks password
    would be “cratt1770”