•                                  K Park
      Coach Wolfe
    LeighAnn Wolfe
    Algebra 2 Pre-AP
    Advanced Quantitative Reasoning 
    Email: lwolfe@humbleisd.net
    1st:  Freshman Basketball
    2nd:  AQR
    3rd:  AQR
    4th:  Algebra 2 Pre-AP
    5th:  Algebra 2 Pre-AP
    6th:  Conference
    7th:  Basketball 
    *Please see Schoology website for course materials (notes, homework,calendar, etc.)  
    Tutoring Schedule      
    Tuesday B and Wednesday A
    Grading for and AQR                                  Grading for Algebra 2 Pre-AP
    60% Summative                                               70% Summative
    40% Formative                                                 30% Formative
    Pocketed Spiral for organization
    Notebook paper/Pencils/Pens
    TI 84 Plus graphing calculator (optional)