• Ken Raney

    Alg II PreAP & PreCal AB
    Room 4107

    Phone 281-641-7107
    To access the notes and worksheets on Google Drive you must be logged on to Google using your student humbleisd.net id and password  

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    PreCalAB Google Site link

     Algebra 2 PAP Google Site Link

    NOTE: TI has made their TI-84 calculator emulation software available for 90 days for our students.  click here to download!!!! 


    For PreCal Tutoring schedule and daily Zoom sessions click here

    Tuesday Raney 10 a.m.  Morris 12 p.m. 

    Thursday  Morris 8 a.m.  Sterner 10 a.m.   


    For Alg 2 PAP Tutoring schedule and daily Zoom sessions click here

    Tuesday Craig 8 & 12  Houston 10 a.m.  Raney 2 p.m.

    Thursday Craig 10 a.m.


     Due to Corona Virus - until further notice (note - we are still working on additional resources)

       PreCal Students please access the online assignments page on the google site (Please make sure you are logged in to your Humbleisd.net account) for links to online calendar, lesson notes, worksheets, etc.

       Algebra 2 Students access the online assignments page for notes, lessons, videos, etc. (Please make sure you are logged in to your Humbleisd.net account) 


    PreCal  AB Periods 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
    Algebra 2 Honors Periods 5th, 6th, and 7th 
    Conference Period 4th

    Math Test Makeups - During One Lunch LGI 4210
    Need extra help?

    Please bring specific questions and/or problems:
    Mr Raney - Tuesday and Thursday"B" Lunch

    Tuesday 7:00-9:00 - KHS Library
    NHS Students will be available to help you (sign up in the library by each Monday)