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    ame: Joe Ogden
    Grade: 11thElvis meets Nixon
    Subject / Department: US History
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    Learning Plan for US History for the week of May 18, 2020! 

    The Bush Clinton response sheets were due this morning, if you see a zero pop up for your student; remind them to get them turned in!

    This week we will be discussing the 2001-2013, covering the Bush43 and Obama Presidencies.  If you can take time to share with your child what you remember of the era, particularly how 9/11 changed, and continues to affect our lives. 

    The student response will be a quiz on Google Classroom. 

    Learning Target(s): The students will understand the way the Election of 2000 played out in Florida and the US Supreme Court.  The students will understand the events of September 11th, 2001 and the War on Terror in a larger sense.  The Students will understand the major events of George W. Bush’s second term such as Hurricane Katrina and the Financial Crisis of 2008.  Students will understand the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of2009 (Obamacare) and the resulting controversy. 

    Learning Opportunities (Instruction)

    • Look and Listen to the BUSH43/OBAMA PowerPoint. It is available in the Google Classroom and my webpage.   IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DOWNLOAD THE POWERPOINT!  The files are large due to my narration, so they are too large to be previewed in the email.

    Learning Outcome (Assignments)

    • Use the BUSH43/OBAMA PowerPoint and notes along with the accompanying videos that are embedded in the PowerPoint. Afterwards, take the assignment that I have shared with you on Google Classroom.  YOU CAN USE YOUR NOTES BUT DON’T submit them to me, they are for you only!  This assignment is due TUESDAY 5/26/20 no later than 9:00 AM.

    ZOOM Tutorials:

    • You can join Zoom from the Google Classroom page that you or you student has access to. This It is no longer available on my web page for security reasons.
    • My tutorial times are Tuesday at 8am and 2pm, Thursday at 10 am. I can set up something on Friday by appointment if you need extra help. 

    If you have any questions feel free to email me.

    Have a GREAT WEEK and STAY SAFE!


    Coach Ogden 



    The above syllabus will be updated as we get more information. Please look at my websire often! 


    Email me with any questions! 


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