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    We hope all of you are well.

    The district has completed changes to the Credit Recovery Program.  Students should be able to progress through the program without the need to unlock test.

    The Credit Recovery team is monitoring your work on Edgenuity on a regular basis.  Your parents/guardians are receiving an updated progress report once a week from the program also.  Students, we are continuing with the 3 week progress report to your counselors and AP’S, however instead of every three weeks they will receive an updated progress report weekly (every Friday). If you are not showing weekly progress you your parents/guardians will be notified for your lack of progress. 

    SENIORS it is imperative you make progress with your assigned classes.  Some of you are doing a great job you are making steady progress. Starting next week you will be getting assignments from your other classes also, remember you can access Edgenuity 24/7.  

    When you complete a class please email any of us and we will mark it as complete. Make sure you are passing the class.  You will not receive credit until you are passing. If you complete the class but have a failing grade we can reset activities and upon completion of those activities with a passing grade we can give you credit. 

    If you have any questions or problems, please email any credit recovery teacher with your concerns.

    If you forgot your log in information instructions are on Mrs. Scalia’s website.

    Stay well.


    Credit Recovery Team

    Marilyn Scalia (mscalia@humbleisd.net)

    Christie Mewis (cmewis@humbleisd.net)

    Susan Willis (swillis@humbleisd.net)

    Jeff Bellnap (jbellna@humbleisd.net