• Name:  Jamie Morris
    Subject :  University of Texas On Ramps PreCalculus, PreCalculus AB, and Student Leadership/Student Council Sponsor
    Room Number:  2700 & 4107
    Tel #:   281-641-7237
    Email Address:   jamie.morris@humbleisd.net
    Welcome to Mrs. Morris' Website!  I am looking forward to our year together.
    Please feel free to ask any questions that you have.    

    This should be a great year!!
    Go Mustangs!!

    My Schedule:
    1st period:    Conference  
    2nd period:   University of Texas On Ramps PreCalculus                  
    3rd period:    University of Texas On Ramps PreCalculus 
    4th period:    PAP PreCalculus AB 
    5th period:    Student Leadership
    6th period:    Student Leadership
    7th  period:   Student Leadership
    Tutoring:  During B Block of Mustang Hour on Tuesday and Wednesday in Room 2700
    All needed WAGs, notes, and worksheets can be found on my schoology website.
Picture of Jamie Morris