• Grades: 10-12

    Subject / Department: Environmental Science (Dual Credit and AP) and Level Chemistry

    Room Number: KHS 3002
    Telephone Number: 281-641-7201 (office) 713-906-5009 (cell).  Please no calls/texts after 9pm

    Email Address: fred.mcgrew@humbleisd.net

    (Unfortunately most emails outside of school end up in junk mail folders. If I do not respond within 24 hours please call)

    Schoology is our online ecosystem.  Please visit www.schoology.com for our weekly schedules, assignments, grades and more.


    Mr. McGrew welcomes you to SCIENCE!!!

    I hope you find the information here useful.  Please look for regular updates to students and parents through schoology. 

    Class Schedule:


    1. APES
    2. Conference
    3. APES
    4. APES
    5. CHEM Level
    6. APES
    7. APES


    1. Tues and Wed A Block, APES and CHEM

    I will occasionally be pulled away for obligations related to Senior Class Activities or Chess Club or other duties.  However, if I am in my room, I will be glad to help outside of my official tutoring times.  Also, other members of our science team can help with closing knowledge gaps through tutoring as well.  I am available by phone or text as needed.  

    All my best to you and your family.  Cheers to the start of a great year!