• COVID-19 Update from Mr. McGrew:  

    1. I sincerely hope that you and your family are healthy and making your best way in these uncertain times.
    2. I plan on utilizing google classroom (link below), zoom and perhaps other onine systems to create new or different learning oppurtuniites.  My students should all be familiar with our google classroom ecosystem.  If they need help please reach out to me.  
    3. When possible, I would like all students to navigate to our google classroom site and complete the simple check-in to verify that you have the equipment/ability/capacity/etc to engage in online work.  This will be up by 3PM on Tues 03-17-20 and I will check it at 10AM on Fri 03-20-20
    4. Please know that we are intentionally moving SLOWLY and planning on being very FLEXIBLE in this new learning environment.  


    Please use the following link to google classroom.  https://classroom.google.com Here you should find an updated calendar, class handouts and other useful information.  Contact me by phone or text for join codes.


    Phone or text is the best way to contact me.  Please don't hesitate to do so 713-906-5009

    Grades: 10-12

    Subject / Department: Environmental Science (Dual Credit and AP) and Level Chemistry

    Room Number: KHS 4002
    Telephone Number: 281-641-7097 (office) 713-906-5009 (cell).  Please no calls after 9pm

    Email Address: fred.mcgrew@humbleisd.net

    (Unfortunately most emails outside of school end up in junk mail folders. If I do not respond within 24 hours please call)

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    Mr. McGrew welcomes you to SCIENCE!!!

    I hope you find the information here useful.  Please look for regular email updates sent to parents/guardians. 

    Class Schedule:


    1. Level Chemistry
    2. AP/Dual Credit Env Sci
    3. AP/Dual Credit Env Sci
    4. Conference
    5. AP/Dual Credit Env Sci
    6. AP/Dual Credit Env Sci
    7. AP/Dual Credit Env Sci


    Tuesday A block, Wednesday A block of lunch. 

    I will occasionaly be pulled away for obligations related to Senior Class Activities or Science NHS.  However, if I am in my room I will be glad to help outside of my official tutoring times.  Also, other members of our science team can help with closing knowledge gaps through tutoring as well.