• Christina Young
    Biology Level Team Lead  


    1st- Off

    2nd - Pre-AP Biology room 3000

    3rd- Pre-AP Biology room 3006

    4th- Pre-AP Biology room 3000

    5th- Level Biology V3

    6th- Level Biology room 3010

    7th- Level Biology V3


    Mrs. Young

    Level Biology Syllabus

    Pre-AP Biology Syllabus

    2020-2021 Open House Orientation Video

    Welcome to Level Biology!
    Biology is a dynamic, exciting subject that is very relevant and sometimes controversial.  In addition to studying the basic principles of Biology, we will consider some of the difficult questions being asked by scientists and society in today’s times.  This course also places an emphasis upon lab experimentation, observation and analysis.
    Additional course information and class resources are located in Schoology.