• Mr. Calhoun
    English I Advanced
    Room 2306
    Ext: 7017

     Class Schedule

    Period 1 - English I Advanced
    Period 2 - Conference / Virtual
    Period 3 - Conference / Virtual 
    Period 4 - English I Advanced
    Period 5 - English I Advanced
    Period 6 - English I Advanced
    Period 7 - English I Advanced
    Make Ups/Tutoring
    Wednesday and Friday A-Block
    Virtual Office Hours / Conference Times:
    By appointment during conference periods
    Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 8:20-10:10
    Wednesday: 9:05-10:42
    Thursday: 9:25-10:50
    (Note: Pep rallies, holidays, and testing may affect these hours)
    Quizzes should be made up during tutoring in the classroom (2306)
    Tests should be made A-lunch MWF in the Testing Center (LGI 4210)
    All make-ups should occur within one week of the absence.
    Additional tutoring can be scheduled by appointment as needed.