• Barbara Molaison
    Transition Specialist
    Special Services Department
    Rm. 1007

    Home Phone: 281-713-0107 ( Please feel free to call when necessary)

    Kingwood High School


      Transition...Charting Your Place in the World

    Transition is a very important process in helping students prepare for their future. Post-secondary goals promote thoughtful planning, introspection, and self-awareness of both strengths and challenges. These goals also help to identify courses, programs and activities that will greatly help to pave the way for reaching your full potential.  Some of the concerns we address are: 

    • What type of work do I want to do when I am an adult?
    • What type of education will I need?
    • What classes do I need to take now?
    • What skills do I need to work on now?
    • What services do I need to ensure a smooth transition from high school to adulthood?


    I hope all of our families are doing well in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Humble ISD is working very hard to reach out to students and families to continue to support and provide learning opportunities for for all of our students and to assist parents in the process. Know that we understand the overwhelming fears and concerns regarding instruction, technology and your own personal challenges in the home and your work. We are commited to supporting not only our students but parents as well.  I welcome your questions and concerns and an opportunity to help as we all adjust to new ways of living. If I can be of help, please call at my home number provided above in red.          


    In regard to Transition, I will be posting links for vocational assessment to facilitate students in charting their course. Stay tuned!