• What is Sankofa?
    The definition of Sankofa is to "go back and take".
    Sankofa is an organization at Humble High School that looks back on the struggles and accomplishments of African Americans that have paved the way creating a mindset on how to make a better tomorrow. In this organization, we put on the annual Black History Program in February. We have montly meetings about issues within the African American community, and we also attend college tours and plays at the Ensemble Theater. Giving back to the community is very important to Sankofa. We participate in numerous community service projects which include activities such as Youth to Youth, "The Pumpkin Patch", clothing and food drives. Sankofa is NOT just an organization for African Americans, it is for any race wanting to learn about americans who helped to make this country great fighting for what was right and just.  It is our goal, to not only spread African American history one month out of the year but all through the year, for we strongly believe that "We Are Not Makers of History, We Are Made By History."-MLK