• Name: Chris Frey
    Grade: 12
    Subject: US Government
    AP US Government/US Government 
    Room Number: T6, T7 and T8
    Google Classroom Codes:
    2nd Period    txd73ii
    3rd Period    2wefmpv
    4th Period    d3uyicq
    5th period    mj42y5w
    Please log into Google Classroom. Assignments (lessons) are posted to Google Classroom on Mondays at 7:20. Completed assignments are due on Friday. If you are having issues please contact me before Friday. You can email me at cfrey@Humbleisd.net anytime.  
    Coach Frey 
    Email Address: christopher.frey@humbleisd.net
Chris Frey
  •     Schedule:

    1: Swimming and Diving  RM# 2311

    2: US Government     T-8

    3: AP US Government T-6

    4: US Government     T-6

    5: AP US Government T-7

    6: Conference

    7: Swimming and Diving  RM#1101



    Tuesday and Wednesday 2:50 to 4:10