Spring Tournaments are on the schedule, passed out schedule yesterday to JV and Varsity.  Spring tournaments we are gone all day so have to keep their grades up.  We will still have restrictions at sites including wearing masks and social distancing. 






    Tryouts for students who are attending Atascocita High School


    and would like to play Varsity or JV tennis will be May 10-12


    from 3-5 PM.  If you are an incoming freshman please contact


    Coach Lowe as we will have another period in July for incoming


    freshman to try out for Varsity.  If you are an incoming


    freshman but are not interested in playing Varsity watch the


    website for instructions for next school year.  Everyone playing


    tennis next year should have their physicals turned into trainers


    prior to the end of school as you must have a physical to attend


    open courts over the summer.  Open court schedule will be


    posted mid May.



    Practice for week of May 3rd is:

    Mon, Tues, and Thursday:  3-4:30

    Week of May 17 is:

    Mon, Tues, and Thursday:  3-4:30



    tryout sheet







    Spring tournament procedures                  tennis guidelines
    Practice begins August 3rd Monday at 3:30-5:30 pm for those who are in 7th period and select players from 6th period.
    Practice once school starts will be:
    Monday-till 4:30 pm
    Wed-till 4:00 PM whenever we have 7 periods/On block days till 2:50 PM
    Thursday-till 4:30 PM on block days and until 4 pm on 7 period days.
    Friday-Match day
    All Freshman and JV players will not start until the first day of school. Players who do not have a physical must have one the first week of school and rank one forms need to be filled out.  Can find physical forms and rak one information on athletics web page for the district.
    Any questions please call Coach Lowe or send me an email, also follow us at
    AHSTENNIS16 on Twitter.                  
    Online forms at Rank One must be filled out before we start our first practice on August 4th for Varsity, all others when we begin begin school on August 11th for students signed up for 5th period or 6th period tennis.