Spring tournament procedures                  tennis guidelines
    Varsity Practice beginning In January:
    Monday-till 3:30 pm
    Tuesday-till 3:30 pm
    Wed-till 3:30 PM whenever we have 7 periods/On block days till 2:55 PM
    Thursday-till 4:30 PM on block days and until 4 pm on 7 period days.
    Friday-Tournament day
    Tournament schedule will be up in December.  Varsity will have a few two day tournaments.
    All Freshman will practice on Mondays and Wed second semester.
    Mondays:  3:30-5:00 
    Wed:  3-4:30 on block days    3:30-5:00 pm on non-block days
    Any questions please call Coach Lowe or send me an email, also follow us at
    AHSTENNIS16 on Twitter.                  
    Online forms at Rank One must be filled out before we start our first practice on July 27th for Varsity, all others when we begin school on August 10th for students signed up for freshman/beginner tennis or 6th period tennis.