Spring tournament procedures                  tennis guidelines
    For those who are placed in the varsity class, they will be required to come to two open courts if they are not attending drills or go to a camp over the summer.  Everyone must have a physical before practice starts on July 31st. We will practice every day that week from 3-5:30, with our first team tennis match scheduled for 8/3 at 3pm at home.  We will then have matches every Tuesday-Friday until the middle of October. We will then practice during school Mondays till 4 PM, Tuesday match, Wed out at bell if we are on block day, if not till 3:30, Thursdays on block day 3-4:30 PM, Fridays matches.  I would encourage challenge matches over the summer as only the top 8 will normally play in Varsity matches, normally no more than the top 10 so it is important you move up the ladder.  If you are placed in the Varsity class, you may still play JV team tennis matches depending on where you are on the ladder.  I will give out letters to everyone and then decide who will be moving to the varsity class period. It is not a guarantee you will stay in the varsity class as when we come back for practice on 7/31 I will expect everyone to be ready to play tennis. If not, I can still make changes two weeks after the school year starts.  Any questions please ask as I am sure I am not covering everything.
    Open Court Dates:
    6/5:  5-7 PM
    6/7:  8:30-10:30 AM
    6/29:  5-7 PM
    7/11:  8:30-10:30 AM
    7/13:  5-7 PM
    7/17:  5-7 PM
    7/19:  9:00-11:30 AM
     Tryouts for incoming first-year students who could play Varsity will be 7/31 at 3 pm. We will start practice on July 31.  If you are not playing Varsity, you will not be required to practice until we start school. This is for freshman/beginners and JV class.  As of right now, JV class will start on 8/10.  Class on that day will start at 6:50 am.  Freshman/beginners will be told the first day of school when they will start, as everyone must have a physical prior to going on the courts.
    Any questions, please call Coach Lowe or send me an email. Also, follow us at
    AHSTENNIS16 on Twitter.