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    Thank you to everyone who attended the informational tryout meeting!  Please know that if you missed it you can still tryout as long as you complete the paperwork, have a physical on file with the trainer, sign the rank 1 files, and are zoned to AHS.

     ***Please check the frequent questions section at the bottom of this page. **

    The AHS Cheer Tryout packet can be found here:

     Tryout Packet Updated 2/22

    Please check this website frequently for up to date information regarding tryouts!

    Everyone must have a physical on file with the trainer!!!

    Here's the form for the 2019-2020 School year

    2019-202 AHS Physical Form

    Have you signed ALL forms in Rank One?

    Go here to complete prior to tryouts:   Rank One


    AHS Cheer Camp is tentatively schedule for June 1st - 4th

    AHS Back To School Practice will start August 1st

    All practices in August are MANDATORY for all cheerleaders!!! 


    Frequently Asked Questions regarding tryouts:

    1.  What do I wear to tryouts (on April 4 & 5)?

    You must wear a plain white shirt.  It may be a tank top or have sleeves but it may not be a cami style top. You must wear a sports bra.  I would recommend a black or white one!  You must wear black shorts, spanks, or nike pros.

    Hair should be pulled back in a high pony tail with a WHITE bow. 

    2. What do I wear to clinic (April 1-3rd)?

    Any type of clothing you can move in.  If you are a current middle school cheerleader, please do NOT try to "match" each other wearing middle school cheer shirts.  

    3. What do I need to bring with me on the first day of clinic?

    • The "General Information" form on page 15

    • A copy of your report card

    • Handbook Acknowledge Page, page 16

    • If you have a receipt from the trainer showing you turned in your physical, please bring it!  

     4. Do I need to have a physical?

    Yes, you do!  You must have a physical on file with the trainer. If you are a current HISD athlete or cheerleader  you already have a physical on file at your middle school or at AHS.  But if you are NOT involved in the athletic program or a cheerleader then you will need to have a physical done to attend the cheer clinic and to tryout.  You must have a physician complete your physical on the HISD physical form and turn it into the AHS trainer. 

    5. Where is the AHS trainer's office?

    He is located in the back hallway behind the gyms.  He is generally there at 7:00 am but please email him (mitchell.batts@humbleisd.net) or call him (281-641-7655) to confirm his availability.  If you need a physical, I encourage you to take care of this now or over spring break.  Do NOT wait till the last minute.  You need time to get a physical and turn it in to the trainer.  The physical MUST be completed on the HISD physical form!!!!


    6. Do I need to know how to tumble to make the squad?

    Freshman and Junior Varsity squad do NOT have tumble requirements and we currently have plenty of members who do not tumble!  All varsity team members must have a standing back handspring.

    7. Can freshman make the varsity squad?

    The varsity squad is only open to sophomore's, junior's, and senior's.