• Woodward 2015

    Teacher: Woodward, Adam K.
    Phone: 281-901-1875
    What students need to know:
    1. I have high expectations. Student are expected to do their assignments and do them on time.
    2. Students must accept responsibility for their education. If a student is absent they must set up tutoring to get caught up. 
    3. Students are expected to bring their own materials. Notebooks for note taking and pens/pencil for writing. 
    4. Students are expected to follow the "electronic device" policy set by the district and my classroom. 
    5. I expect students to be on time to my classroom. If a student is outside my door when the bell rings they will be sent to get a tardy.

     What parents need to know:

    1. There is a student fee of $50 that pays for registration fees and membership fees.
    2. Students are expected to attended no less then 1 tournament per semester. Students grades are effected by tournament participation. 
    3. Students will be expected to attend after school practices.
    4. Practice schedule will be set the first week of school. 
    Mission Statement

    The purpose of the AHS Debate Team is to bring about more effective cooperation among the members of the speech and theater arts profession in the discharge of their special responsibilities in forensic and theatre activities;to create a means of educating the general and professional publics to the important educational functions of forensics and theatre arts; to make collective action possible on problems of common professional interest; and, in general, to maintain and advance the ideals and standards of the speech and theatre arts profession.

    The AHS Debate Team shall promote the interests of interscholastic speech and theatre by encouraging a spirit of fellowship among participating student sand teachers. Activities viewed as central to the organization's function include debate, theatre, and competitive individual speaking events.