• Room 1756
    1st-period Art I
    2nd-period Drawing II, III
    3rd-period Drawing II, III
    4th-period Drawing II, III
    5th-period Drawing IV & AP Studio Art 
    6th-period Drawing II, III
    7th-period Conference
Mrs. Z

Mrs. Z

  • Mrs. Steffani Zachry-Holubec
    Art Educator/AHS Art Department Chair

    281 641-7542

Classroom Expectations

  • Students are expected to put forth their best creative effort every day.  Please be on time with your ID around your neck.  I follow school rules!

    • Show respect to your teacher, peers, yourself and supplies. 
    • No food or drink allowed except clear water.  Exceptions are made for students with medical needs.
    • Cell phones are permitted for students to look up images or listen to music.  Texting, snapchat, personal calls and games are not allowed.
    • Be on time with your pencil, sketchbook and portfolio.
    • Keep your area CLEAN!

    Art fees apply to all art classes and are expected to be turned in as soon as possible; Art I $50, Drawing II, III, & IV $60, AP Studio Art $85.

    Personal checks are not accepted.  Payment may be paid one of two ways, by cash to the teacher (your student will be issued a receipt) or online payment:

    • On the AHS home page, on the left menu, click "online store"
    • Click AHS- Art class fees
    • Click on your class title
    • Enter student name and student ID in the message box
    • Click on add to shopping cart
    • Then check out