The Humble ISD Board of Trustees

Robert Sitton Position 1
Ken Kirchhofer Position 4
Nancy Morrison Position 7
Robert Scarfo Position 2
Martina Lemond Dixon Position 5
Chris Parker Position 3
Marques Holmes
    Our purpose, in partnership with families and community, is to develop each child intellectually, artistically, emotionally, physically, and socially so that all students are life-long learners, complex thinkers, responsible global citizens and effective communicators.

    We envision schools where students and staff are enthusiastically engaged in learning within local and virtual environments. We see schools that encourage collaboration and cultivate a sense of belonging. We see learning standards that are rigorous and relevant. We see learning standards that inspire creativity and problem solving. Ultimately, we see schools that prepare students for many paths and that empower them with skills to successfully live in a rapidly changing world.