Sara Williams 
    AP Language and Composition
      National Honor Society Sponsor  
    Contact Information:
    Blue House - Room 2513
    Classroom #: (281) 641-7637
    Email: Sara.Williams@humbleisd.net 
    Tutoring Times: 
    Mondays and Wednesdays - 3:00-3:30 or by appointment

                  2020 SUMMER READING INFORMATION

    • Welcome to AP Lang, Class of 2022!!  Your summer reading selection is chapters 1-13 and chapters 19-25 of Thank You for Arguing, Third Edition by Jay Heinrichs (ISBN #: 978-0804189934). Please make sure that you get the third edition (Publication Date: 2017); this book has been specifically revised with the AP Lang student in mind.  Please note: we will cover other selected chapters in class together, but for the sake of summer reading, we are skipping chapters 14-18.

      AP Lang Summer Reading

      The assignment is due on Friday, August 21st (the second Friday of the school year).  We will spend the first two weeks when we return reviewing the summer reading assignment and setting a strong foundation of rhteorical analysis for the school year.

Sara Williams
     Ms. Williams' Schedule:
    1st -  AP English III 
    2nd -  NHS Conference
    3rd -  AP English III
    4th -  AP English III
    5th - AP English Conference
      6th - AP English III
    7th - AP English III