• Russ Stilley
    CTE Instructor

    Mr. Stilley

    Kingwood Park High School Room 2202, (281)-641-6682
    Principles of Architecture and Construction - Period 1
    Kingwood High School Room 2800, (281)-641-7127
    Robotics and Automation - Period 4&5, 6&7
    Conference/Travel Period 2, 3

    KPHS - 7:00am - 7:25am
    KHS - 2:45pm - 3:15pm
    Students must come within the first 5 minutes!
    Cell phone policy:  Students may use cell phones in class except for Teacher lectures and tests.  Also if the cell phones become too much of a distraction that the student's grades are negatively affected, the Teacher may refuse use in class.