Welcome to the Eagle Springs Library!




    Welcome to the ESE Library!

    Specials Schedule

    8:00-8:45     Conference

    8:45-9:30     5th grade

    9:40-10:25     4th grade

    10:30-11:15     3rd grade

    11:50-12:35     Kindergarten

    12:40-1:25     1st grade

    1:30-2:15     2nd grade

    2:20-3:05     Pre-k and TRA support



    Meet the Librarian, Ms. Jackson:
     I love books, trees, traveling, and the Houston Rockets.
    This is my 11th year at ESE and my 21st year in education.
    Being the librarian at ESE is one of the great joys of my life. 
    (Ms. Jackson in Morocco) 

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