• Nancy Schettler
    Strategic Writing
    Room numbers: 
    1st per. 2602
    2nd per. 2608
    3rd per. 2509
    4th per. 2610
    6th per. 2607
    7th per. 2605
    281 641 7698

    Welcome to Mrs. Schettler's Strategic Writing.   This course is designed to enrich students' writing skills in preparation for standardized tests such as PSAT, SAT, ACT, and EOC.  Classes are limited in size, so students enjoy the opportunity to work closely with both their peers and their teacher in a writing workshop setting.  The course is ideal for any student who could easily excel in writing given an opportunity to focus on writing as a course.  Compositions include personal narratives, short stories, expository, analytical, and persuasive; in addition, students will also have a chance to develop their creative ideas through journaling, quick-writes, round-robin stories, and other engaging activities.


    Classroom Management Plan:
       Classroom management is an agreement between the teacher and students that within the instructional time a pleasing, stimulating, inquisitive and very friendly educational exchange can occur.  We have as a class a responsibility to ourselves and each other to maximize the learning.  Therefore my expectations are high and rules are basic: Be on Time!  Be prepared! Be polite and respectful to all!  It will be a full year comprised of experiences, successes, growth and happiness. 
    ( For the full text of this plan please refer to Helpful Documents entitled Classroom Management Plan).
      Mrs. Schettler

    Class schedule:  All classes are held in room T-11

    Strategic Writing: Periods: 1,2,3,6, and 7.
    Conference period: 5
    We will be using The Reader's Journey and Models For Writers as our regular text. Class
    sets will be provided.
    Class codes for Google classroom:
    1st period: tgoyti
    2nd period: queia9f
    3rd period: 0lgfizc
    4th period: u4d63h
    5th period: q42eta
    7th period: gkq708j 

    Tutoring opportunities
    Tutoring is available Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday mornings and afternoons.
    Tutoring is also available by appointment before school.

    Level: Formative = Daily 40% Summative = Test 60%

    Late Work Policy

    On time: full credit

    1 day late: max of 80

    2 days late: max of 60

    3 days late: max of 40

    4 days late: 20

    One reassessment  on summative grades only is allowed every nine weeks. Students must attend tutoring and show proof of notes and/or study guides and show test corrections before taking the reassessment.