• Ms. Lori Smith-

    • A little about me... I have been teaching for 22 years, starting my 23rd this year.  I was born and raised in good ol' Pasadena, Texas. I attended Sam Rayburn High School, and then went on to attend Texas A&M University. Gig'em AGGIES!!! WHOOP! :) 
    • I began my teaching career in Spring, Tx where I completed my student teaching, and stayed teaching there for the next 11 years.  I have been here teaching at Atascocita for the past 10 years, starting my 11th this year!  I'm so very excited to teach you this year.  I think science can be super fun and I will try to make every day memorable and enjoyable to learn something new!   
Ms. Lori Smith

Classroom Information

  • Room: 2519    House/Community: Blue House 1
    This site will be used if the student is absent and they want to see what we may
    have been working on for the day/week.
    It will also be used for students to see the WAG, which are the lesson plans and 
    activities for the week. This way, if they are absent, they can check to see
    what they may have missed. Then they can email their teacher for any additional work.
    It will not be used for turning in of formative assignments, calendar of due dates, or
    content of all daily assignments. It will however be used to turn in Projects and do Edupuzzles.
    ***When the student is absent... If they are able to do work, most of the assignments 
    are in Schoology and they can do them to stay on track for when they return to class. 
    This class will be in person, so it will not be used as a virtual class uses Schoology. 
    We will do all work in person, with the teacher, in class. 
    1st period:  Aquatic Science 
    2nd period: Aquatic Science  
    3rd period:  Aquatic Science  
    4th Period:  Conference Period                
    5th period:  Aquatic Science
    6th period:  Aquatic Science
    7th period:  Aquatic Science

Contact & Tutorial Information

  • (281) 641- 7701

    lori.smith@humbleisd.net     OR


    Tutorials / Help Desk:


    • Tuesday & Thursday afternoon from 3:00-3:30... I can stay longer as long as the

               student lets me know what time they need me to stay. 

    • Students can request to come another day if there are scheduling conflicts

               I am not available in the mornings any day of the week and I am not available on Fridays.