• Joni Bates 
    ESL (English as a Second Language)

    Room 603

    Don't miss out! English Learner Parent Night and Spaghetti Dinner is Monday, October 21, from 6:oo to 7:30. Translator provided and child care if needed.  Please RSVP to jbates@humbleisd.net

    Class Schedule:

    3rd and 5th: ESL Support classes

    2: Conference

    1, 4, 6 and 7th: Push in to content classes to provide linguistic and academic support.

    Tutoring Schedule: Every day before and after school except Tuesday's. 


    ESL - English as Second Language (ESL) is an instructional program for students whose dominant or first language is not English. The goal of the ESL program is to develop English language proficiency using second language methodology through explicit instruction in listening, speaking, writing and reading in ALL academic subject areas. ESL is an intensive instructional program designed to help students achieve academic success

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