Mr. Mack

Mr. Mack


    1st - A/V Production I
    2nd - A/V Production I
    3rd - Conf.
    4th - A/V Production II w/Lab and Practicum in A/V Production
    5th - A/V Production II w/Lab and Practicum in A/V Production
    6th - Esports I
    7th - A/V Production I

Contact Info

  • Adobe Certified Associate

    Jeff Mack 
    Grades: 9-12

    A/V Production I, A/V Production II w/Lab
    and Practicum in A/V Production and Esports I

    Room Number: 1768


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Tutoring times

  • If no one is in the class by 3:05 I will leave for the day and we can schedule for another time.

    Tuesday and Wednesday 2:55pm-3:25pm

    Thursday 7:00am-9am (On Late Arrival Days)

    Other times By Appointment Only 


  • A/V Production I is a hands on class where students will learn how to record, edit and produce audio and video projects using Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Audition.  Students in the A/V Production II w/Lab and Practicum courses will work on UIL Film submissions as well as make videos for the district and school, like filming Home Football games and making videos for Turner Stadium and the school announcements.  Students in the Esports course will look at the variety of career options in esports. From Casting, to Playing, Coaching, Managing, there’s a wide array of possibilities.  Students in Esports will also get a chance to compete against schools around the nation. 

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