James Pittard

  • Aquatic Science 

    White House 1

    Room 2315  - (also have a room entrance on the White House 2 Side)



  • Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. I am looking forward to assisting each student reach their goals for Aquatic Science. This website contains basic information that includes contact information. More information will be provided through Schoology. Students will log into MyHumble then access Schoology once they are in the Apps. Once they are in Schoology, they will have access to notes, assignments, announcements, etc as provided by the teacher. This will also be the way in which attendance will be varified each day. This year will be different for not only students but for teachers as well. The ability to be willing to adapt and change will be necessary as this year could be very fluid in how class will function. I will do my best establish what they need and how they will function through Schoology. This will allow for consistency in what they can expect toward learning and communicating, how they will be accountable to attendance and how they will earn and receive a grade for this class. Again, I am looking forward to working with your child. 

     [ Reminder: to access class, a zoom meeting , etc, always log in to MyHumble first.]

    * You can click on this link for HELP concerning Schoology.

    * Click on this link for more student HELP - MyHumble




  • 1st -  Aquatic Science - Rm 2315                 

    2nd - Aquatic Science - Rm 2315                 

    3rd - Aquatic Science  - Rm 2315                  

    4th - Aquatic Science  - Rm 2315                                     

    5th - Aquatic Science  - Rm 2315

    6th - Aquatic Science  - Rm 2315

    7th - Conference

First Week Schedule

  • Schedule for Aquatic Science the First Week: Check Schoology for the link to the Zoom meetings.

    Tuesday / Thursday

    1st Period    -     8:00am

    3rd Period    -     9:00am

    5th Period    -   10:00am


    Wednesday / Friday

    2nd Period    -     8:00am

    4th Period     -     9:00am

    6th Period     -   10:00am