• Silvia Guillory DC, LMT
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    Dual Credit Biology for Majors 1406
    Dual Credit/Honors Anatomy and Physiology 2401
    2018-2019 Schedule  Online
    1st Period: A&P Dual  2401      Mon, Wed 8:00am        
    2nd Period: A&P Honors          Tues, Thurs: 10:00am                     
    3rd Period: A&P Dual  2401     Mon, Wed: 10:00am    
    4th Period: Bio Dual 1406       Tues, Thurs: 12:00                    
    5th Period: A&P Dual 2401      Mon, Wed: 12:00 noon     
    6th Period: Bio Dual 1406        Tues, Thurs: 2:00 pm    
    7th Period: Conference                  


Mrs. Guillory
Mrs. Guillory