• Mrs. Howsmon 
    Hello!  My name is Debra Howsmon and I teach Pre-AP Biology and AP Environmental Science.  All of the information that you will need for Pre-AP Biology or AP Environmental Science can be found on our Schoology page.  In Schoology, weekly agendas will be posted in the Week at a Glance folder and materials for the course will be uploaded into the Course Materials folder on a weekly basis.
    I am very passionate about both subjects that I teach and I cannot wait to get to meet all of my students.
    • My tutoring times are Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3:00pm - 3:30 pm
    • Please be sure to sign up for Remind (codes are listed below).
    • If you have questions or concerns, please email me:  dhowsmo@humbleisd.net 
    • Campus phone number: 281-641-7616
    Fetal Pig Dissection  Measuring Dissolved Oxygen
    Parents and Students: Be sure to sign up for Remind so that you do not miss out on important due dates.
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    Pre-AP Bio 1st Period:                81010               @biohows1
    Pre-AP Bio 2nd Period:               81010               @biohows2                                 
    Pre-AP Bio 5th Period                 81010               @biohows5                                
    Pre-AP Bio 7th Period:                81010               @biohows7                                  
    Pre-AP Biology Parents              81010               @ahs1bio                               
    AP Env Sci 4th  Period:               81010              @apenvsci4
    AP Env Sci 6th  Period:               81010              @apenvsci6
    AP Env Sci V     Period:               81010              @apenvsciv
    APES Parents:                             81010              @mrshowsmo
    Sci National Honor Society:         81010              @ahssnhs16