• Contact Information

    Ms. Courtney L Flores 

    Courses: AP U.S. Government & Politics and  U.S. Government

    Grade: 12

    Room: 1209

    Phone: 281-641-7619

    Email: cflores@humbleisd.net

Ms. Flores in Crested Butte
  • 2020 Fall Semester Schedule              2021 Spring Semester Schedule

    1st                                                                                  1st      AP Government & Politics

    2nd    U.S. Government                                             2nd                                  

    3rd    Conference                                                        3rd     Conference

    4th    AP Government & Politics                              4th     AP Government & Politics     

    5th    U.S. Government                                               5th     U.S. Government

    6th    AP Government & Politics                               6th     AP Government & Politics

    7th    U.S. Government                                                7th    U.S. Government

    Virtual AP Government & Politics                            Virtual AP Government & Politics

  • Google Meets Join Codes

    2nd    U.S. Government     meet.google.com/oiq-kjij-qbq

    4th      AP Government     meet.google.com/qmw-chav-zeh

    5th    U.S. Government     meet.google.com/vze-qjau-wfi

    6th      AP Government     meet.google.com/hse-keei-txz

    7th    U.S. Government     meet.google.com/mjq-xajf-pqj


    Virtual AP Government     

         First 2 weeks of school    meet.google.com/pin-gkev-uhf

         Office hours beginning Aug 24:

              Mondays and Fridays     7:30 - 8 am          meet.google.com/kds-yrjv-mof

              Wednesdays                   3:00 - 3:30 pm     meet.google.com/jtq-mbqo-pvq


  • Tutoring Times:

    To Be Announced

    Please let me know when you will be attending a session.