Cindy Marches


    Mrs. Cindy Marches

    • Principles of Information Technology
    • Human Growth and Development
    • Hotel Management
    • Hospitality and Tourism




  • 1st - Principles of Information Technology, Room 2413

    2nd - Human Growth & Development, Room T-10

    3rd - Human Growth & Development, Room T-10

    4th - Human Growth & Development, Room T-15

    5th - Hotel Managment, Room T-19

    6th - Hospitality & Tourism, Room T-15

    Afternoon TUTORIALS are in T-15


  •  1. Follow all the rules; even the ones you don't agree with.

    2. Come to class on time each day with supplies. 

    3. Respecte and be POLITE to ALL PEOPLE!!!

    4. Refrain from using inappropriate language, including profanity.

    5. Refrain from any act of incivility that would interfere with learning or teaching.

    6. Always give your personal best; never settle for anything less.

    7. Turn work in on time.


    9. Maintain a professional attitude!