Parents and Students,

  • AHS counselors are available and working to ensure that the educational and emotional needs of AHS students continue to be met.  Counselors are prepared to communicate in person, by email, phone and/or videoconferencing.   


Counselor (A-Ch)
Red 1 Wilhelmina Wilhelmina Bagsby
Counselor (A-Ch) Red 1
Phone 281-641-7534
Lead Counselor (Ci-Gib) Red 2 Anita Anita Stetson
Lead Counselor (Ci-Gib) Red 2
Phone 281-641-7533
Counselor(Pae-Sor)Blue 1 Jaylee Jaylee Lange
Counselor(Pae-Sor)Blue 1
Phone 281-641-7519
Counselor (Sos-Z) Blue 2 Eujon Eujon Hughes
Counselor (Sos-Z) Blue 2
Phone 281-641-7538
Counselor(Gic-Koe) White 1 Kelley Kelley Jayne
Counselor(Gic-Koe) White 1
Phone 281-641-7735
Counselor(Kof-Pad) White 2 Albah Albah Robert
Counselor(Kof-Pad) White 2
Phone 281-641-7548
Counselor (9th Grade A-Ga)Gold 1 Maria Maria Vargas
Counselor (9th Grade A-Ga)Gold 1
Phone 281-641-7536
Counselor (9th Grade Gb-N) Gold 2 Karen Karen Vargas
Counselor (9th Grade Gb-N) Gold 2
Phone 281-641-7739
Counselor (9th Grade O-Z) Gold 3 Yessenia Yessenia Caballero
Counselor (9th Grade O-Z) Gold 3
Phone 281-641-7895
Student Support Counselor Coming Coming Soon
Student Support Counselor
Phone 281-641-7500