• Any incoming 7th and 8th grade student to WMS athletics must have a 2022-2023 physical on file to be enrolled in athletics.  In order for us to accept a physical:

    *It must be on a district 2022-2023 physical form

    *It has to have been conducted AFTER February 1, 2022

    *It must have the date of examination with clearance

    *It must have a physicians stamp. 

    You may not enroll in athletics or try out for any sports unless you have a physical on file with the WMS athletic department and digital RANK ONE paperwork completed.

     In order to participate in Athletics, students must have a 2022-23 Physical on file with the WMS athletic department and have all of the required forms for HUMBLE ISD Athletics completed digitally.  This information can be completed at home via computer or smart phone.  

    2022-2023 Online RANK ONE Athletic Paperwork 

    Please click HERE or go to Http://tiny.cc/humblesport  

    • Click the top tab “Electronic Participation Forms
    • You will need to complete all the forms (if you are not trying out for football, you do not need to fill out the helmet form)
    • Type in student name, Student's School ID number, and school.
    • Read and complete the form with Guardian signatures, and repeat for the other forms.

    Information needs to be completed before any student can participate in athletic activities.



    Checklist ATH

    If you have questions regarding your students rank one information, please email Coach Graham