Welcome to Stucoverse!

  • Fundraiser/Campaign Schedule:


    - Pollinator Santuary/Garden Fundraising


    - Pollinator Santuary/Garden Fundraising


    - Building our Pollinator Santuary/Garden


    - Building our Pollinator Santuary/Garden

  • Remind: cded8g

    Google Classroom: nam3ite

    Instagram: @wms_stuco_2022

    Twitter: @wmsstuco  

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  • We have StuCo meetings on late arrival Thursdays at 9am. We have food, open discussions, polls, and so much more! Meetings are the best way for StuCo members who aren't in the class to catch up on what we've been doing in StuCo. We ask student council members to volunteer and bring food for breakfast. There will be a sign-up genius posted through Remind every week. Every person who brings food will get service credits/PBIS points from Ms. Blake. We appreciate everyone who attends our meetings and especially the people who bring food. StuCo meetings are mandatory for students not in the class. If you cannot attend, please let Ms. Blake know.


    Upcoming Meetings: Meetings will be announced in remind from now on. Join our StuCo remind with the code listed above.


    Student Council members must...

    Maintain an overall grade of 85 or higher in ALL classes.

    Have not had N's or U's in conduct and have not received office referrals.

    Be responsible and dependable and respectful to adults and peers.

    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Blake at dblake@humbleisd.net or through Remind

  • All About Ms Blake!

    Ms. Blake

    Ms. Denelia Blake is the Supervisor of Woodcreek Middle School's Student Council.

    She Also Teaches Avid Here at WMS.

    You can contact her at dblake@humbleisd.net or through Remind


  • FAQ:

    When are the meetings?

    We have weekly meetings on late arrival thursdays at 9 am before school. We will send a remind message if there will be a meeting.

    Do I have to be in the class to be in StuCo?

    You don't have to be in the class to be in Student Council. Students who are in the class are selected by Ms. Blake. If you want to be in the class, please contact Ms. Blake.

    Do I have to be in stuco to attend meetings?

    No! You don't have to be in student council to attend our meetings, though it is highly recommended and preferred. If you would like to attend the meeting, let someone in student council know to tell ms. blake or directly let Ms. Blake know you want to attend. For safety reasons, Ms. Blake needs to know you are attending the meeting because she can't let you inside the building unless you're with stuco.

    What do you do in stuco?

    In student council, we volunteer, help with campaigns, spread awareness about certain issues/topics, and more! We help to make our community a better place through our research and assistance. Each year, the student council officials select a topic to raise awareness around the school. For the past year we have decided to make our topic climate change and we are in the process of building a sanctuary for the school. For more info about what we're doing in stuco, please attend a meeting.

    How many volunteer hours do I need?

    All stuco participants need a total of 30 volunteer hours for the school year.

    Do stuco volunteer hours count for NJHS & vice versa?

    All hours for stuco can be written off for NJHS by Ms. Blake and NJHS hours can be written for stuco by the person you volunteered for or Ms. Blake.