• Jamie Fernandez, M.Ed.

    Science ALT
    Phone Number: 281-641- 5321

    Email Address: jamie.fernandez@humbleisd.net


    I am the Science Academic Lead Teacher here at Woodcreek Middle School.  I work with the science teachers to help them with whatever they need instructionally.  I also work with students to help them be successful in science!  Please contact me if you have any questions about what your child is learning in science this year. 




     Woodcreek Makerspace Website and Information

    I am so excite that this year I have the opportunity to start a Makerspace for the students of Woodcreek!  Teacher's will be utilizing this space for projects they are doing in class.  I will also be starting a Makerspace Club on Mondays starting September 25th in the morning at 8am-8:30am or in the afternoon from 4:30-5:30.  If you are interested in joining please email me, come by my office,  or just show up to the meeting.


    What is a makerspace?

    I get this question a lot.  Really it is what you make it :))  If you google Makerspace you can get a lot of information.  Here at Woodcreek I would like it to be what the students want it to be.  Meaning, I want to talk with them and get their interests and ideas before we start so we can base the projects around what they want to learn and do.  I have everything from technology to building supplies to sewing supplies in the Makerspace, so the options are unlimited.  I want the students to learn about their passions and the world around them.  I want to help nurture their skills and create 21st century learners through passion projects and challenges.