• Welcome to the Timberwood Middle School Student Council Website!

    Our Student Council is the governing body of THE Timberwood Middle School that promotes school pride, leadership and serves as a voice between the faculty, administration, community, and the student body.

    The purposes of the Timberwood Middle School Student Council shall be as follows:
    A. To develop attitudes of and practices in good citizenship.
    B. To promote harmonious relation throughout the entire school.
    C. To promote orderly direction of student activities.
    D. To promote better relationships between our school and others.
    E. To promote the general welfare of the sudents and the school.
    F. To improve student-teacher relationships.
    G. To improve school morale and enhance school spirit throughout the campus.
    H. To act as a welcoming body and information source for new students.
    I. To make for a more informed student body and promote interest among the students, faculty, and community in school activities.


     School Year Officers
    Co- Presidents: Kadyn Detiveaux and Celeste Watson
    Vice President: Kate Brady
    Secretary: Layla Maharddhika
    Treasurer: Sophia Saxton
    Co- Historians: Evelyn Fisher and Avery Pepper
    Co- Parliamentarian: Cohen Clover and Nolan Gigerich
    Delegate:  Cohen Clover
    If you have any questions, please notify Mrs. Obrien at room 625 or email her at sobrien@humbleisd.net