Timberwood Orchestra

    Priscilla Mika

    Anne Bewig

     Head Director

     Assistant Director

    Google Classroom Directions:
    1)  Go to classroom.google.com and click "Sign In."  Use you school google account (the one ending in @humbleisd.net).
    2)  At the top, click "Add," then click "Join Class."
    3)  Enter your class code.  They are listed below by class period.
    1st Period:  2rblpsb
    2nd Period:  qhkrcbo
    3rd Period:  xrnvggk
    4th Period:  ppkmruy
    5th Period:  6csaedt
    7th Period:  ufsu5kh
    Zoom Meeting

    Click the link below to request a meeting time.

    Please note: all Electives are scheduled to meet between 2:30-3:30pm daily. Available meeting times reflect that schedule. If you need to meet outside of that time, please indicate on the Google Form.

    Once I receive your request, I will send you an email to confirm the day/time. 

    Zoom Meeting Request

    Be sure to update your Charms account!
    Please go to www.charmsoffice.com the Charms Blue App
    The School Code is: TimberwoodOrchestra
    Your log in is your child's student ID at first (lunch account number).  Once in, please do NOT change the password.
    Please note, payments are only accepted at www.charmsoffice.com.  Playing tests require a microphone.
    To reset a password or ask about other technology issues, please contact Ms. Bewig.
      Lisle Fishburn