• The Lab/Equipment Calendar shows what is signed up for and when.  

    Please make sure you check this calendar before you make your request. If everything is taken, you can also check with Ms. Ureta to see if anyone is using the computers in the Learning Commons.

    If you are signing up for a lab,you can find the key, in my box, please return it at the end of the day. Remember, we have very limited resources.  If you have students who can bring devices, encourage them to.

    Labs should not be left unlocked!   No guest teachers in labs!  Please make sure to have a non-technology sub assignment in case you are absent.
    Lab/Equipment sign up!

    Available equipment is as follows:
    Laptop/ Projector  Cart    
    2 Flip Video Cameras    
    Web camera for video conferencing.  Please fill out form in Jeanie's folder on the staff common    
    Swivl with iPad    
    Lab 806 (31)    
    Chromebooks need to be charged during advisory and lunch.  They hold about a 4 hour charge. 
    Please report any issues and students assigned when issue occurred.Chromebook Cart
    If Chromebook cart is returned in disarray, you will not have access to them again.  Also, Mr. Buck would like them to be picked up and returned daily.  The keys can be left in my box, the carts should be plugged in, outside my door.
    Chromebook Cart #1 Set of 15    
    Tech Cart #2 Set of 15    
    Chromebook Cart #3 Set of 15    
    Tech Cart #3 iPads Set of 6    
    Chromebook Cart #4 Set of 11    
    Tech Cart #5 Chromebook Set of 8    
    Tech Tub 5 - Chromebooks Set of 5    
    Tech Tub 6 - Chromebooks Set of 5    
    Tech Tub 8 - Chromebooks Set of 4    
    Tech Tub 9 - iPads Set of 5