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     A rising sun ... or ... a setting sun.  What do you think and why? 

    Math:  Number Lines - Time Lines - Historical Values 
    The School Year of AD 2018 -2019

    August 20 thru May 31 
    A.D. stands for Anno Domini, which is Latin for "year of our Lord," and it means the number of years since the time of Jesus Christ.  B.C. stands for Before Christ, and it means the number of years before the time of Jesus Christ.  Some people use B.C.E. instead of B.C..  The BCE stands for, "Before the Common Era," and is used in order to avoid Christian references.
    Just a thought, after reading the above paragraph, can we measure time / history in math terms of  negative, zero and positive?
    The Empires of the World ...1st)  The Assyrian. 2nd)  The Egyptian. 3rd)  The Babylonian. 4th)  The Medo-Persian. 5th)  The Greek and the 6th) The Roman Empire.  Fact: Jesus Christ was born at Zero BC or Zero AD in the land of Israel which was ruled by the Roman Empire during "The Period of the Pax Romana" or "The Roman Peace."  After the Roman Empire was no longer the controling power of the world, the world soon descended into the "The Dark Ages."  After the Dark Ages, the world entered into the "Modern Era" whereby the nations of the world rival against other nations for control of the peoples of the world and its riches of various resources.  The Roman Empire was the last of the one nation empires and to date, no nation has become an empire as dominating as the Roman Empire.  From the Dark Ages to now, the nations of the world have sought and fought to become either the world ruling nation or to become a member of the world ruling coalition(s). 
    What do you think and why?    

    Consider this, Math is a series of sequential and repeating actions, patterns and/or events occurring over a period of time with predictable outcomes which are communicated in the special language of numerical values or, "Mathematics."  Said another way, it is the usage of numbers and symbols of valuation to communicate information.  Is that what math is?  Just think ... we can calculate future outcomes or solve problems with equations by using factors of the past, the present and the future.  If you think about History as an example, it is like using past history to project or predict the future history?" 

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      World Cultures 
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     World Cultures 
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    World Cultures 
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    World Cultures 
     6th Grade

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