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    Mrs. Michelle Holm
    7th grade Math
    7th grade Pre-Ap
     For all information regarding 7th grade math, please login to Schoology.  There you will find the Week at a Glance, notes, assignments, and class announcements.  Students visit the Schoology website at https://humble.schoology.com to login using the same information as their school login.  Parents need to visit  www.schoology.com to login. Parent login codes are in HAC. This link https://www.humbleisd.net/tms/schoology will give you more information about Schoology at TMS.
    Communication is made through our gradebook system to registered emails.  If you would like to be added to this email list, please contact the TMS registrar.  Students will also be sent reminders through the Schoology Updates and Calendars.
    Students and parents should check grades online at least once a week. I find it helps students set goals and eliminates any surprises at the end of the nine weeks. Students are responsible for keeping up with their math notebooks and turning in their homework each day on time. Late work is -10 points for everyday it is late.   
    My Schedule

    Period 2     (9:31 - 10:24 AM)  7th PAP Math

    Period 3    (10:28 - 11:21 AM) 7th PAP Math

    Advisory   (11:25 - 11:45 PM)

    Period 4    (11:49 - 1:13 PM) 7th Math

    Period 5    (1:17 - 2:10 PM) 7th Math

    Period 6    (2:14 - 3:07 PM) 7th PAP Math

    Period 7    (3:11 - 4:03 PM) 7th PAP Math
    Conference Time
    Period 1 (8:35-9:27 AM)


      Tutoring Time



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