• Wednesday Burke



    Physical Education Information:
    **All PE students will need a combination lock for their PE locker!!!
    Please purchase P.E. uniforms online and bring the receipt to class.

    Please make sure your student's name gets on their uniforms.  We ask that no valuables be brought into the locker room.  Also, students should leave their cell phone in their hall locker.  If they have it in the locker room, it will be taken from them and turned into the front office.

    If your daughter needs to make up a class she needs to make an appointment.  Make ups are before school at 8:05 or after school.  Your daughter may see any coach when she gets here to begin her make up.


    1st period:    Athletics
    2nd period:    Learning Lab
    3rd period:    Learning Lab
    4th period:  8th grade science Rm #307
    5th period:    Learning Lab
    6th period      off
    7th period:     Athletics