• Darla Hoover
    6th, 7th, and 8th grade
    Visual Arts
    Room 202
    Best of Show 2015 Rodeo Art winner

    Welcome to the Riverwood Visual Arts Department.  Our course selections are Beginning Art, Intermediate Art, Arts and Crafts, and Advanced Art.  Beginning Art is required for students before they can take Intermediate Art or Arts and Crafts.  Intermediate Art is required before Advanced Art can be taken.  All courses, with the exception of Advanced Art, are one semester.  There is a $25 art fee that is required for Beginning Art, Arts and Crafts, and Intermediate Art.  There is a $30 art fee per semester for Advanced Art.  These fees are used to purchase the supplies that are needed for the kids to create projects.  You can pay for these fees by going to the quick links section. Click on RevTrak and look for your child's art class. 

    Conference Time: 1st period


    Tutoring on Tuesdays am/pm