5th Grade Deerwood Ambassador Program



Degrees and Certifications:

5th Grade Deerwood Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is a special honor extended to qualified 4th grade students by
“invitation only” in April of the school year for the following year.

The qualifications are:

*Grade average in all subjects must be at least 75%;
*All conduct grades must be E with ONLY one S, No N’s.
*Tardies and absences must be minimal.
*Ability to follow detailed instructions
*Has displayed exemplary behavior in the classroom as well as in P.E. and

Specials classes by following the rules

*No office referrals for the current school year
*Other important traits include reliability, leadership, kindness to others, a cheerful attitude and a willingness to help fellow students and to represent   Deerwood in a positive way.

Additional requirements are:
*Write a brief paragraph explaining how the student can best represent Deerwood;
*Read the guidelines, rules and duties (info. provided) and take a simple True/False quiz;
*Willing to come to school early (7:35) and leave late (3:25) for a 2-week period of duty
(several times throughout the year);
*Must find a sub for both AM and PM duty if unable to attend;
*Be approved by the Assistant Principal;
*Wear an inexpensive watch and keep a rain poncho (yellow preferred).

Qualified students will receive a packet of information in April and a timeline for returning them.
Selected students will have a training period with the current 5th grade Ambassadors and then
will have a scheduled time to work on their own during the last moth of the year. Final teams
will be assembled in August to accommodate any last minute changes.
Please understand that there are a limited number of openings. We will select as many qualified
applicants as possible. Feel free to contact the PE office with questions: (281) 641-2209.

Thank you,
Coach Loson
Coach Torres