CREST AWARD CAMPUS 2017, 2018, 2022
    The mission of the Riverwood Middle School counseling program is to provide an individualized and comprehensive counseling program that supports students in their educational, career, personal, emotional, and social development.
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    AMAZON Positive Behavior STORE WISHLIST

    COUNSELORS 22-23
    Shayla Green           Sixth Grade (next year 7th)       shayla.green@humbleisd.net
    Amy Jolley              Seventh Grade (next year 8th)    amy.jolley@humbleisd.net
    Lori Robinson          Eigth Grade (next year 6th)         llrobins@humbleisd.net
    Request to See My Counselor
    Anita McCoy -  Registrar                anita.mccoy@humbleisd.net
    2910 High Valley Drive
    Kingwood, Texas 77345