KMS Sports for 2019-2020  
    What do I need ?
    1.)   A physical that shows you are clear and signed by a doctor and has the clinic's stamp on it. 
    You can get your physical completed from your family doctor, Medspring Urgent Care , NextCare Urgent Care, Walgreens, HEB RedClinic, or any other place that offers physicals. Be sure that it is on the 2019-2020 Humble ISD Physical Forms or we will not be able to except them. You CAN NOT do anything in athletics until you have your Physical and other paperwork turned in!!!! That even means you can not tryout for any sports!
    Athletic Paperwork for 2019-2020
    2.)   All forms filled out and signed electronically on the Rank One website.  
    The following forms must be filled out online by going to the web address: http://tiny.cc/humblesport
    If you need them, here are instructions for navigating Rank One.     Rank one Instructions
    • Emergency Card
    • Humble ISD Policy
    • Helmet Form 
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness
    • Concussion Acknowledgement




    No sports will start before the 1st day of school.  All sports will begin when the school year starts.   Football and Cross Country will be the first two sports played.  Everyone will make a team in these sports, we do not make any cuts.  If you are playing another sport, those sports and teams will be decided later on closer to that sport's beginning.  Basketball will be the next sport up, followed by Track and then Soccer at the end. 






    Kyle Ivy
    Athletic Coordinator

    1st - 7th Grade Athletics
    2nd - Conference
    3rd - 6th Grade PE
    4th - Lunch Duty
    5th - 6th Grade PE
    6th - Athletics Conference
    7th - 8th Grade Athletics

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