• Important Dates


    August 26:  Band Social in the band hall from 4-6.  Movie Jumanji

    September 17:  Pep Rally

    September 24:  Need your uniform

    September 25:  Dessert Social


    To access Schoology:

    For students: Click on the Students icon at the top of the page, open myHumble, login, & click on the blue Schoology icon.

    For parents: Click on the Parents icon at the top of the page, go to HAC and get the parent access code, then go to Schoology and login with your parent access code and information.


    1st period Trumpets/ Horns

    2nd period Flutes/ Clarinets

    3rd period Saxophones

    4th period Low Brass

    5th Period Honor Band

    6th Period Symphonic Band

    7th Period Conference

    What you need to know!!!!


    * No instruments are needed on the first day of school.  We are just happy you're here.


    * Go to RevTrack to buy your Red Polo Band Shirt (beginners need this)


    * Go to RevTrack to buy your Black Shirt and Tie (Honor, Symphonic, Concert Boys only)