7th & 8th grade Math and Social Skills

    Case Manager & Service Learning Club Sponsor

    Mrs. Mooring            
    (281) 641- 4267  Room # 805 
    “Don't let what you cannot do; interfere with what you can do!”-John Wooden
    1st period:  Social Skills (Room 805)

    2nd period: Co-Teach 7th Math with Ms. Luviano (Room 304)                                                                   

    3rd period:  Conference 

    4th period:  Co-Teach 7th Math with Ms. Luviano (Room 304) 

    Advisory: Mrs.Mooring & Ms.Verzal (Room 805) 

    5th period:  Co- Teach 8th Math with Mrs. Kershner (Room 105)

    6th period:  Co-Teach 7th grade Math with Mrs. Kershner (Room 105)

    7th period:  Co-Teach 7th grade Math with Mrs.  Kershner (Room 105)


    Tutoring schedule

     Wednesday is Math tutoring and it is offered in the morning and afternoon ( 8 a.m.- 8:25 a.m.) and (4:00-4:25 p.m.).

    *Other times by appointment

     Bell Schedule MTWF

    1st Period: 8:30-9:20
    2nd Period: 9:24-10:14 
    3rd Period: 10:18-11:08
    Lunch/4th Period: 11:12-12:38
    Advisory: 12:42-1:18  
    5th Period: 1:22-2:12
    6th Period: 2:16-3:06
    7th Period: 3:10-4:00
    Bell Schedule Thursday
    1st Period: 10:15-10:54
    2nd Period: 10:58-11:37
    Lunch/4th Period: 11:41-1:08 
    3rd Period: 1:12-1:51
    5th Period: 1:55-2:34
    6th Period: 2:38-3:17
    7th Period: 3:21-4:00