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    Please make sure to get your physical completed prior to the 2020-2021 school year. The physical needs to be completed on the 2020-2021 Humble ISD Athletic Physical Form which can be found below or on the Humble ISD Athletic website. Physical forms can be turned into Coach T. Alexander or Coach Shaun Irchirl.

    Each athlete is also required to fill out the athletic paperwork through RankOne. To fill them out follow the directions below: 

    Please go to https://tinyurl.com/Humblesport

     Click Start Online Forms
     You do NOT have to have an account to complete the forms
     Click “I don’t want an account, go to forms”
     Click “I don’t want an account, go to forms” again
     Type in your students name, birthdate, School ID number, and school
     Read and complete the forms with Guardian signatures and email address; repeat for the other forms.
     You will need to complete all 6(7if applicable) of the forms

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