Why Join PTA?


  • Join the Humble Middle PTA @www.joinpta.org
    Help us to Help your Student & HMS Teachers! 
    Membership does not mean being a volunteer every day. Members of the HMS PTA can volunteer as their time allows and your $8 dues give each parent/guardian/family member or community member one vote at any Regular PTA Meeting.

    WHY A PTA Membership? (http://www.txpta.org/)
    • Families can get involved for their children and for their community.
    • PTA Membership provides opportunities to meet with others who have the same interests as you.
    • Come together and share common concerns
    • Being part of the HMS PTA connects families and schools and results in parental support which helps students be more academically successful and makes school involvement for families easier
    • PTA also provides educational opportunities for students and parents.
    • Receive Texas PTA Discounts with your $8 membership
    • For the National PTA member discounts and benefits.

    If you are interested in joining HMS PTA, please contact: /  Si desean unirse con el PTA de HMS por favor contactar a: