• Mark Vetitoe
    8th Grade
    United States History
    Room 610
    John Trumbull's Declaration of Independence

    United States History is a year long course covering material from beginnings through reconstruction
    2019-20 Class Schedule
    1st Period      On Level U.S. History
    2nd Period    Pre-AP U.S. History
    3rd Period     Pre-AP U.S. History
    4th Period     Pre-AP U.S. History
    5th Period     On Level U.S. History
    6th Period     Pre-AP U.S. History
    7th Period     Conference Period
    Tutoring Schedule
    Monday           7:45-8:20 and 4:05-4:45
    Wednesday      7:45-8:20 and 4:05-4:45
    Grading Policy

    Pre-AP - Summative 70%/Formative 30%
    On Level - Summative 60%/Formative 40%
    Students who have zeros on assignments are encouraged to attend one of the D-Hall or ZAP Classes to receive partial credit.