• Jan York
    Science 8
    Room 301
    2nd & 4th - On level
    1,3,5 & 6 - preAP
    7th - Science Planning
    Remind101 access: 81010
    preAP  @d4he8k
       OL     @49ae4g 
                                      Welcome to Science                                                    

    Welcome to 8th grade science!  Students will study areas of earth, life and physical sciences .  8th grade students will be taking the statewide STAAR test for science in the spring.  I look forward to meeting you during Open House and working with your sons and daughters.

    (listed for all 8th graders in packet materials)
    8 pocket folders with brads
    notebook paper, pen/pencil, colored pencils
    and glue
    Tutoring is in room 301 on Tuesday mornings and as needed
    Tutoring is always available the morning before tests
    Check the 'Classroom Calendar' for the week's plans; activities, labs, tests and homework
    All students are expected to copy the week's assignments in their trackers on Monday.
    You can click 'List' at the top of the Classroom Calendar page and print the week's assignments out as 'back-up'.
    The textbook is both 'consumable' and online.  More information about it will follow.