Gregg Hensley
    7th Grade
    Rm 305


    1st Period
    2nd Period
    3rd Period
    4th Period
    5th Period - Conference
    6th Period
    7th Period
    Uze yer brain! MarsRocket
    Tutoring Time: By appointment after school.
    Creekwood Museum of Natural Science NEEDS YOU!
    Javelina Diorama Display
    Yes, we are opening an actual MUSEUM, right here on campus, starting in Mr. Hensley's classroom!  You can contribute by either donating an artifact, or donating cash for construction expenses.  See our artifact donation form on the Museum tab, and e-mail Mr. Hensley for more information.
    Grade Weight: Formative 40%/Summative 60%
    Formative means classwork, homework, min-quizzes, small projects, assignments.
    Summative means tests, quizzes, major projects
    TUTORING: any day after school, by appointment.

    me & my offspring